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Shenzhen LuMei Jinyu Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, We are a leading PCB supplier and offer professional supply chain service in PCB industry, Main business coverage“multi-layer high-precision circuit,Flex PCB, Rigid&Flex PCB and PCB Assembly. Also provide SMT related matching service to customers.
LuMei put high premium on quality and provides reliable ONE-STOP interconnect solutions to customers, we strives to be win-win partners with customer.
Our products widely used in military units, scientific research and development, quantum satellites, industrial control, medical equipment, aerospace, drones, unmanned vehicles, high-speed trains, new energy batteries, power electronics, automobile LED lights, security, and other high-tech industries, We offer reliable ONE-STOP PCB/PCBA service to worldwide customers, and satisfied by many domestic and overseas customers.


Why choose us?

(1)The Perfect Combination of Order and Factory

The company's have factory includes a special model small batch factory, a mass order factory, an expedited production factory, and an SMT assembly factory; Lvmay will arrange the order to the matching factory for the customer's needs. It not only guarantees the quality of customers but also saves customers money. At the same time, it can solve the problem that customers need to find and maintain many suppliers because of different product needs.

(2)Quality Control

Quality is the life of the company. The factory strictly controls each production process and establishes a rigorous testing laboratory. The quality has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 and other international quality management system certifications, and strives to make every factory products are fully compliant with customer and industry standards.


(3)Shortcut Service

Lvmay advocates “quick service”, and each customer is equipped with professional documentary, engineering, after-sales service personnel, give quick feedback on the questions raised by customers, and information transmission in every link,LvMei JinYu will be in the first respond to you at one time.

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